We’re a full service digital agency with a difference. We tell stories that gather people around live, scheduled moments on the web. We call these moments “happenings” online.

Our happenings help you reach, engage and influence bigger and more relevant audiences in realtime.

Here are some of our campaigns.

Ask Schuman Live tweet chat


We proved that a tweet chat with Robert Schuman, the “Father of Europe” who’s been dead for over 50 years, can engage more people than a typical live chat with a living politician. We conceived Westartup’s first live happening on Twitter and, 100 years after the start of WWI, we live tweeted the moment Gavrilo Princip’s gun was taken by a big red balloon. Our Twitter happenings build, engage and convert communities in realtime.


Back in 2008 we created “Subsidiarity Man“, the unlikely superhero who convinced dozens of dictionaries to recognise the clumsiest word in the EU’s Lisbon Treaty. We organised Facebook’s first “hashmob” to animate Bosnian protesters around a hashtag. And we hosted 50 Days of Spin in the lead up to the COP21 talks in Paris, so we could gather stakeholders around climate action in glorious, spin-free realtime.
European Voluntary Service’s 20th birthday


We helped the European Commission find the “Best Volunteer Ever” in a happeningo campaign that climaxed with a live stream on the Erasmus+ Facebook page. We developed the strategy to bring European Job Days online, and have helped EURES and Eurodesk to grow thriving social communities. We’re also building communities for adult learning professionals and young people seeking internships, one live happening at a time.


We hosted a live sale happening for Langerman Diamonds, for the last 50 years the world’s foremost merchant of colour diamonds. Starting at US $50,000, we mischievously increased the price of the “Pink Valentine” diamond every time it was shared on Facebook. The 7-day happening pushed the price up to $129,000, generating more traffic and online buzz than any other sale in the company’s history.
No Pants Subway Ride Brussels


The Lab is where we test, fail and learn, quickly. For A hooding on Abbey Road, we used the public webcam at London’s famous crossing to thumb our noses at prostate cancer. We hosted the No Pants Subway Ride in Brussels, which brought together thousands of “virtual riders” and generated international media coverage. And we created the first Bubble Darts Championship of the World, just for the hell of it.


Soonfeed is the world’s first timeline of what’s happening soon online, a bit like a TV guide for the web. After years of iterating the concept we’ve developed a soonfeed widget with co-founders Klika.ba. Publishers can embed the (free) widget on any website and announce scheduled happenings before they go online. Users discover and “Join” for an alert as the happening starts. Contact us to add a soonfeed to your site today!

how we do it

We combine digital strategies, new technologies, content marketing and community management in a meticulously managed, full service mix. Our campaign methodology is unique. And it works.

  • Strategy

  • We create a strategy

    We develop ideas and a strategy to turn your event, launch, content or idea into a happeningo campaign.

  • Technology

  • We use new technologies

    We set up and curate a soonfeed so your community can discover and get alerts to your happenings online.

  • Marketing

  • We market your story

    We tell your story with a content marketing campaign that climaxes with your live happening online.

  • Community

  • We build and engage a community

    We build a social following for every campaign. Then we convert followers into communities and customers.


Our Chief of Happenings created his first happening back in 1987. At Melbourne’s radio RRR, the teenage intern hijacked Studio Two to impersonate a kookaburra. Twenty years later he brought a happening to the web, posting live updates from the ambulance after a record (and back) breaking bridge jump.


By 2012, he wanted to gather people around happenings online for a living. We’ve since evolved into a team based in Brussels and Bosnia, working with brands, agencies and partners worldwide.


This is how we look as pencil drawings.

  • Richard Medic as pencil drawing

    Richard Medic
    Chief of Happenings

  • Pandza Marko as pencil drawing

    Marko Pandza

  • Fanny Keller as pencil drawing

    Fanny Keller

  • Timoer Fadeev as pencil drawing

    Timoer Fadeev

  • Dusan Jakovljevic as pencil drawing

    Dusan Jakovljevic


Amazing things can happen when stories gather crowds in realtime. To discover how a happening can bring the right people to your story at the right time, say hello to Richard Medic, our founder and Chief of Happenings.

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