We’re a boutique communications agency in Brussels with a big reputation in Europe.

We delight clients and confound sceptics with no nonsense execution and results, no matter how ambitious, unusual or delicate the project.

Here’s some of our work.


In 2008 our “Subsidiarity is a Word” superhero convinced dictionaries to recognise the clumsiest word in the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, prompting a world record, extensive media coverage and some poor imitators. Now we’re helping EU SuperGirl take on Brexit. Most recently we’ve run campaigns for the European Commission’s New Narrative for Europe and European Voluntary Service, grown EURES and EPALE communities online, and brought the Father of Europe to life.


The European Commission asked us to produce a 4-minute video that brought a “New Narrative for Europe” to people with no interest in the EU. We created “The Europe Song”, a music video published on EU Tube with no promo/ad budget. With help from our Soonfeed community, Richard’s strange little tune has attracted a fanbase, media coverage and spin-offs across Europe, making “The Europe Song” one of the EU’s unlikelier success stories.


We had already developed a new digital strategy and social media for Langerman Diamonds, the world’s biggest merchant of colour diamonds. Now we wanted to deliver a new kind of sales campaign. Starting at US $50,000, we increased the price of the “Pink Valentine” diamond every time it was shared on Facebook. The campaign pushed the price up to $129,000, generating more traffic and online buzz than any other sales campaign in the company’s 50-year history.


Our greatest successes typically start out as failures. That’s because we test, measure and learn before we bring ideas to clients. We’ve developed some valuable case studies and training resources along the way. We created the first Bubble Darts Championship of the World to test a live streaming app. We produced 50 days of spin to perfect a video editing technique. And we launched a big red balloon as part of a realtime masterclass in historical live tweeting.


We’ve built a large community of digital influencers who follow events, launches and other happenings in Europe before they happen. Today the Soonfeed community helps us to reach new audiences, test our ideas and learn from the results. Soonfeed Media is a unique service for clients who’d like to bring traffic, discussion and positive sentiment to a story “beforetime”. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Richard today.


We’ve evangelised live content since 2012, when we produced the EU’s manual (still used today) on how to bring European Job Days online. We’ve been creating “happenings online” ever since. Sometimes we do happenings for client campaigns (Best Volunteer Ever made ROI history at the time). Sometimes we do it for a cause (Hooding on Abbey Road, Facebook’s first “hashmob”). And sometimes we do it for fun (we brought the No Pants Subway Ride to Brussels).

Our services

We’ve built an eclectic portfolio of successful projects and custom services by combining creative flair with lean, data-driven methodologies.

We love to test, learn and iterate new ideas with experiments in our own time, because we’re genuinely passionate about what we do.

Here’s what we do best.


  • We create a strategy

    We develop communication and crisis strategies, training modules and learning processes tailored to any need.


  • We use new technologies

    We create video, music, visual art and live content that we optimise for social media engagement and SEO value.


  • We market your story

    We run earned and paid campaigns to bring your content, message or event to the right audience at the right time.


  • We build and engage a community

    Our Soonfeed Media service helps you build and engage social communities by telling the story “beforetime”.

Our team

Richard Medic is an Australian-Bosnian communicator whose unusual career spans two decades and two hemispheres. In 2010 he arrived in Brussels to challenge, prickle and pop the EU communications bubble.

He’s since built a core team of professionals and network of freelancers known as happeningo, a full service consulting agency and publishers of Soonfeed Media.

This is how we look as digitally enhanced drawings.

  • Richard
    Founder & Chief

  • Marko
    Soonfeed Manager

  • Ana
    Community builder

  • Mateo
    Content builder

Contact us

If you’re a discerning client with something important to communicate, say hello to happeningo chief Richard Medic.

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