Club for Gonzo Professionals (are you one?)

If you suspect you might be a Gonzo Professional, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are people like you all over the world. You haven’t heard about them until now because there’s never been a Club for Gonzo Professionals.


I know it’s not easy being you, so we’d like to help. The Club is your support group, your sanctuary, your home.


Contact me privately for some free advice or to share your story of Gonzo Professionalism. I might even offer you a job if you’re into media and communications. Join me on  Twitter and LinkedIn for occasional updates on how the Club is unfolding. Scroll down to see Gonzo Professionals at work.


It’s been a decade since I realised I might be a Gonzo Professional. That’s when I decided it’s OK to get my feet wet and live my craft.

Are you a Gonzo Professional?


You might be a CEO, intern or freelancer, or have no profession at all.


You live your craft as a first person narrative, a bit like a method actor or performance artist. You wear your work on your sleeve, typically invoking personal experiences, emotion and self-satire to tell a story.


You are less comfortable explaining what you do than why you do it.


You love the smell of statistical probability of failure in the morning. You’d rather fail than suffer fools and fads.


You needn’t jump from bridges or be a drunk, this isn’t Gonzo Journalism. And you needn’t be a guru, ninja or hacker. You’re just a professional who lives her craft and knows why she does it, even when others don’t.


Gonzo Professionals at work


This is where I showcase Gonzo Professionals doing what they love. More soon.





Richard Medic is founding chief of happeningo communications and Soonfeed media.