Welcome, to the Bubble Darts Championship of the World

Please play this this while reading.


The first Bubble Darts Championship of the World has unfolded before the watchful eye of a “Titanic” poster.

The happening was streamed on YouTube/Live via Soonfeed.


Bubble Darts beforetime


Tensions were high before the big showdown.




Bubbles were ready to pop.





And pop they did.



Behold, the first Bubble Darts Champions of the World.







All you have to do is blow.

All you have to do is blow.


About this happening


This was another experiment in bringing happenings online in realtime.

If you’d like to host a World Championship in Bubble Darts, the game is not incorporated, copyrighted or trademarked. So fly little brand, fly fly fly.

Thanks to Team Bru and Team Jamily Kunter. A big thanks also to Steve at the James Joyce pub in Brussels.




5 EUR for bubble blowers

2 EUR for liquid soap

= 7 EUR


Richard Medic is founder of Happeningo.com and Soonfeed.