What happens next to Soonfeed?

While other news and social media platforms deliver stories after content is published, Soonfeed connects people to stories beforetime. We exist to tell the truth early and often.


Soonfeed is a unique concept, brand and community with no product, revenue or business model. It’s an independent and apolitical experiment resourced with my own team, cash and time. For the last 7 years I’ve worked alongside a steady stream of co-founders, partners and interns to build something that might be useful one day. This live blog is my attempt to figure out how to get there.


We have a mission.




We have an audience.




We don’t have a product.




 We have a community to serve.



If you want to build something special and love the smell of statistical probability of failure in the morning, let’s talk.


Richard Medic is founding chief of happeningo communicators and Soonfeed media.