What’s Happeningo?

Welcome to my first blog post.


As far as I know, Happeningo.com is the first blog dedicated to the creation of online “happenings”. The fact that no-one else is doing this means I’m pretty clever or very stupid. I guess it’s the latter unless I prove otherwise.


Although I’ve co-authored a kind-of blog and helped others promote theirs, this is my first solo effort. So I’ll introduce myself with a serious photo and a stupid photo:



profile-cropI’d always wanted to fondle Mickey’s frisbee ears. So when the opportunity presented itself I shared the moment online, in realtime, via Instagram. I call these online moments happeningo.


What’s happeningo?


 “Happenings” are realtime moments that tell a story. The moments we want to share with others. The moments we wouldn’t want to miss. It might be a song at a live concert, an exchange at a town hall debate, an act of defiance at a protest or the start of a shoe sale.


These days we can bring just about anything online in realtime. You’re able to stream that concert on internet radio, live blog the debate, live stream the protest from a phone, or host the shoe sale on Facebook.


But here’s the thing. Bringing it online is no guarantee of an audience. People will only connect to realtime moments that tell a story. Those moments we want to share with others. The moments we wouldn’t want to miss.


I call these moments “happenings” online, or “happeningo”.


Why happeningo?


I’ve been making happenings all my life. So I ditched a career in traditional communications to do it for a living.


In 2012 I founded Soonfeed.com, the world’s first network of happenings online. In 2013 I launched Happeningo.com to help others create happenings online.


If you want to tell your story on the web in realtime, then this blog’s for you. I’ll be writing about bringing events online and marketing them into happenings. I’ll be sharing case studies about the happenings I’m creating for Soonfeed, collaborators and clients. And I’ll be re-publishing the guest articles I write for other blogs.


Amazing things can happen when stories unravel in realtime. So come, make yours a happening online.