You’re a realtime marketer, didn’t you know?

I got a taste for realtime marketing working in my father’s bakery as a kid. On the days I helped out before school, I’d take a break from baking to shovel some cinnamon into a bucket and fill it with boiling water. I’d whisk in the cinnamon, take the bucket outside and steam by the morning’s foot traffic to pour its contents into the roadside gutter.


I’d count how many people stopped to take a whiff. And how many salivated their way into the bakery to buy something. The conversion rate for stop-and-whiffs to buys was, as I recall, around 10 to 1. The steaming cinnamon in the gutter trick really worked.



“Here’s me now.” That urge to snap’n’share while you’re on holiday is classic realtime branding.


You do it. We all do it.


These days I do realtime communication for a living. So do you. Because if you’ve ever:


* Saved a joke for an occasion when you know it’ll go down well

* Hit send on an email to your boss just before leaving work for the day

* Timed a Facebook post so more of your friends see it

* Waited for the right opportunity to ask for a “small” favour

* Shared a (look I’m on) holiday snap in realtime with the caption “Here’s me now”

* Tweeted with a trending hashtag

* Wished you could bottle your most confident self and uncork it during a job interview

* Waited for the football to start on TV before telling your husband something he won’t like

* Waited for your wife to go out so you can phone to tell her something she won’t like

* Timed your actions to brand yourself, sell an idea or influence others


Then you’re a realtime marketer.


Don’t be fooled by Wikipedia and the guru-ninja-leaders, realtime marketing is just timing your actions to influence others. And all of us do that.


Richard Medic is founder of and Soonfeed.